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11-26-06, 11:21 AM
I've had two hard drives die in as many months. Both of them had the click of death. I had a Western Digital go bad on my Xbox, now I just had a Seagate Barracuda go bad in my new rig. I knew I was taking a risk with RAID 0, but I expected it to last more than 2 weeks!

So WD and Seagate are on my sh*t list now, the alternatives? well theres Maxtor, I've never had problems with them but a friend of mine has had 3 of their drives go bad. Theres IBM/Hitachi, but after the "deathstar" fiasco I'm not going near them.

Reading though the web it seems everyone has their favorite brand they swear by and their own horror stories from other brands, but I can't find any solid statistics. Anyone have any real figures comparing the failure rate of different brands?

11-26-06, 11:29 AM
It's probably that Thermaltake PSU you have. Is that a toughpower PSU or no?

11-26-06, 11:47 AM
I had bad Western Digital 250GB drive last year and my mate had 3 bad Seagate hard drives.

I think you will go for Samsung, they has the lowest return/failure rate and also the quietest hard drive noise.


Samsung will be my next hard drive purchase. :)

11-26-06, 11:59 AM
It's probably that Thermaltake PSU you have. Is that a toughpower PSU or no?


11-26-06, 01:13 PM
maybe they are heating up too much, keep em cool.

11-26-06, 04:04 PM
maybe they are heating up too much, keep em cool.

Actually the two Seagates in my new box were right behind the 80mm case fan at the front, I was more wondering if being too close to the fan could be a problem (magnets). However the seagate made a chugging sound, similar to the click of death, which would suggest some sort of mechanical failure.

The xbox has zero airflow around the harddrive, its all very confined in there, so you may be right in that heat is an issue there... Actually now that I think about it im almost certain. It would do a whir-click, whir-click... but leave it for a day and it would start working again, at least for a while. It went through this life-death cycle for several weeks. I think ill install a vent over the harddrive - time to get out the dremmel.

11-26-06, 06:20 PM
That's odd. I have always heard that WD and Seagate are the top 2 brands. I have a maxtor but it is loud. I haven't had any problems with it though. I did earlier in the yera but it seems fine now..I hope.

11-26-06, 06:42 PM
I don't go by brands so much.

Seagate is the most reliable overall as far as I know, but all brands have lemons. Its impossible to know.

Honestly, the best think you can do is just go with the drive with the best warranty and make sure to back up often. Thats what I do.

Seagate has the best warranty most of the time. At least 3 years on all their drives, and 5 years on most of them.