View Full Version : 8800 and h.264 performance

11-27-06, 09:55 AM
So I have a few high-def movies encoded in h.264, and I'm using the Cyberlink decoder, I know hardware acceleration is working as the CPU % is around 30 for 1080i. With my 7900GT, CPU is around 70%; however, with the 8800, even though the CPU is down to 30 or so, playback isn't smooth at all, and it seems to be dropping frames. With FRAPS on, it tells me the frames are around 15-20'ish, where as it should be 24. I can play MPEG-2 HD movies just fine with 1-10% CPU. I've even tried CoreAVC, and it seems to have the same issue. Anyone else have this problem? It's not a CPU issue, as when I had my 7900GT installed, playback was perfect, even though it had 70% CPU, and had no skipping. I haven't tested Apple trailers as I personally can't stand them as their bitrate is about 10Mbps max. Hopefully someone has seen this and I'm not just crazy. I'm using MPC and Zoom Player, and using the most recent Cyberlink decoder build.

11-27-06, 03:51 PM
I can't help with the 8800 issue, but I can say that I have not been able to get h.264 movies to play back without skipping horribly on my 7900GTX. I too am using the Cyberlink decoder and latest nVidia released drivers.

I wonder if the issue is the latest nVidia drivers? Are you using the same drives on the 8800 that you were using on your 7900?

11-27-06, 04:40 PM
I can only use 8800 drivers with my 8800, and I can't be assed to inf mod those drivers to add support for the 7900; however, I did have perfectly working h264 with my 7900. I also had the same issue with the 1813 build of PowerDVD, so I upgraded, and same issue. The same thing happens with CoreAVC, so I don't think it's a decoder issue. If no one else has seen it, I'm just going to chaulk it up to I'm crazy.

11-28-06, 07:25 AM
I can play them smoothly here with latest pureVideo + PowerDVD 7 combo.

15-30% of cpu usage when hw acceleration on & 30-60% by software mode.

Problem is that a lot of european h264 streams, doesn't work with the hw acceleration. They hang the machine very fast. I've tested them on different machines with different geforce7 cards & drivers, & same blue screen with nv4_disp.dll error message at the end.

So for me, nvidia h264 hw acceleration isn't complete yet.