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03-01-03, 03:09 PM
HI guys!

I just got a new mobo for my old PIII 1ghz, my old msi 815e is dead. so i ran out and got hold of a soltek mobo via chipset mobo:-( intel based mobo wasnt available anywhere.

well anyway replaced mobo and everything was dandy.

except for the video performance in windows... opening a window and moving it /resizing and close windows was dealyed "sluggish" it was like it wasn accelrated (u know when u run safe mode, the picture is one step behind).

I installed lates 4in1 via for my mobo and agp 4x is enabled and running according to powerstrip. and i tested driversets like 30.82 to 41.09. all the same. nothing seemes to make it work.

and my hd is running in udma 5 and 3 so they should be running on udma 100.

i cant figure out what it is, its like the windows gui aint accelrated at all ?

Plz anyone ??
pIII 1ghz
512 sdram 133
gf4 ti 4600 128
winxp pro


03-05-03, 05:55 AM
Did you do a clean install of Windows when changing motherboards? When changing something like the motherboard, it is advised to do a clean install ;)