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11-29-06, 10:59 AM

I have tested my HDD with the online, in-depth SMART test SpeedFan offers. In the offline mode, the Fitness is 94% and the Performance is 100%, everything is good and normal. (it is the same for my main HDD as well and was the same for a long time now... I guess it's program related).

In the online mode which looks more reliable, the fitness is 99%-100% and performance is 100% either. Everything is good except for the POWER ON HOURS COUNT, which is below normal; according to SF, it means that my HDD has been powered on for too long; but that's not true, because it is mainly turned off. Oddly, my HDD recently begun to disconnect all the time, after a few hours from boot.

It is not my OS HDD, however - it is even more important, all of my personal data is there.

Thanks in advance :captnkill:


11-29-06, 02:10 PM
its turning off on you? thats not good. two things you could do.

1. disable SMART and forget about it. i wouldnt do this since you have valuable data on the drive.

2. get a new HDD! theyre coming waaaay down in price and costs much less than a dollar per gigabyte. go for a new hard drive, you wont be disappointed :D

11-29-06, 03:34 PM
Problem is - It is a relatively new HDD, and is cited for being very reliable - WD3200KS. I think it's related to the main HDD, because I think it is starting to die, and the boot is slow as hell.

Could this be possible?