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11-29-06, 06:44 PM
To make a long story short I have been in need of an upgrade for MANY years now (the last time i upgraded my computer was when I was 18 and I am now 23 :( ) .. Anyway I purchased a new case, a asrock 775dual-vsta board,and a E6300 Core 2 duo and was planning to use a 1 gig stick along with a 512mb stick both of which are DDR400, a 60 gig ide hard drive and 7800gs that I got from a friend,needless to say its been a WHILE since ive put a new system together but I am no noob at it,its just been a while and i am rusty somewhat. Anyway...To get to the point.. I put everything together only to find that my motherboard wont post for some reason... The cpu fan spins up,the hard drive spins up,the fan on my video card spins up but i get absolutely NOTHING displayed on my screen (which is a Wide screen ViewSonic 1912wb LCD,although that is irrelevant). At first I thought that my Motherboard(which i got from newegg) was DOA but I figured that cant be the case because as I described above my components seem to be working/starting anyway I am completely lost as to what I should do or what is happening :( and I desperately seek the help of my fellow enthusiast's. Any advice,tips or help would be greatly appreciated... I am on a low budget and I would hate to think that I just shelled out 350 dollars for nothing and/or would hate to think that I would have to rma my motherboard back to newegg considering its the holiday season and I work full time so shipping it out isnt something I am able to do immediately,but if that is the case then I would at least feel better in getting some help from you guys and trying any and every and any possible thing/suggestion to get my new system up and running before I rma if need be as I am DYING to step into the dual core world with the rest of you guys.

Edit: Forgot to mention,I have a thermaltake 480watt psu and yes its working as I had it on my previous system and it worked fine.

11-30-06, 07:43 AM
This Asrock forum has a wealth of information.


11-30-06, 06:42 PM
This Asrock forum has a wealth of information.


Thank you for that link as I have been looking for some sort of asrock forum for a while and was unsuccesfull :)

11-30-06, 06:44 PM
Strip the system down to its bare essentials and see if it posts - i.e. disconnect the floppy, any optical drives and hard disks, take out sound cards etc... Keeping only the video card and 1 stick of RAM.

To that end:

1) Check all of your chassis to motherboard and PSU to chassis wiring connections.

2) Reset the CMOS jumper on the system board.

3) Ensure the CPU is correctly seated in its socket and that the HSF is conencted and working.

4) Re-seat your video card and ensure that any required PSU conenctors are in place.

5) Do you know if either stick of RAM is known to be good? - incidentally You should use a matched pair of memory sticks for dual channel operation, mismatching sizes and vendors (IMHO) isn't a wise move.

6) Ideally you will have a stick of ram known to be good - using only this single stick, proceed to try and boot the system, move the ram to a different memory DDR1 slot after each unsuccessful boot attempt.

7) Also if you can borrow a compatible known good video card (and ideally a stick of RAM) from a friend's working system this would also be a useful control mechanism to assist your troubleshooting.

Good Luck!!!


I think I've found your mistake... This is taken from page 17 of your motherboard manual (always a good idea to read it! :nono: )

You may be forced to operate in single channel mode, i.e. use one memory stick only (until you can get hold of a matched pair of memory sticks) but at least you should get a working system!

Thank you for the input there and i appreciate you taking the time to read my motherboard manual for me but unfortunately i forgot to mention that I have read the manual forwards and backwards and have already tried changing ram sticks & slots as well as trying single channel mode,all of which have been unsucessful however i have not tried stripping the board down to its bare essentials yet and will give that a go as well as some reading on that asrock forum(thanks again for the link wildman as it indeed does have a wealth of information)

12-01-06, 05:51 AM
Glad to help, this board and that one have saved me in the past :) !