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11-29-06, 07:19 PM
I finally got my 8800 GTX card back after going through the wonderfulness that is RMA. I installed the replacement card and all appears to be fine except for one thing.

When I bring up the Nvidia Control panel I'm presented with a window with three icons labeled as 3d settings, display, and Video & Television. Whenever I click on on of the icons to access its associated settings, I get an error message pop that says something along the lines of:

Application popup: nvCplUI.exe - Application Error : The instruction at "0x7c9105f8" referenced memory at "0x01000010". The memory could not be "read".

That was a direct copy and paste from the event logs. I'm using the drivers that came with my card (an Asus card). The drivers are labeled 96.89 on the CD cover. I checked Asus' website. They have a newer version released yesterday, 97.28. I'm trying to download these drivers hoping they help but I'm having some problems completing the download for some reason. I'll try to get the drivers again later.

Has anyone seen this problem before? Luckily, I can select the Nvidia icon in the system tray and set the display resolution, the color depth, enable AA, etc.. So, I'm not hurting bad right now but I would like this fixed. Thanks!

11-29-06, 10:51 PM
Sounds like an installation gone wrong. Did you fully uninstall and clean any left over drivers before installing the ones that came with your card?

You can download the 97.02 drivers from www.nvidia.com as well. I use those, works like a charm.

11-30-06, 06:34 AM
I'm thinking the same thing, Sli. I had an Ati card prior to this. Before installation, I booted up the computer and uninstalled the drivers and let the ATi program reboot the computer. Upon reboot, I shut the computer off before it could reboot. Then I cracked open the case and swapped the cards out booted up the computer, and installed the drivers. Nothing out of the ordinary occured as far as I can tell. After a couple of minutes of the problem, I remembered I didn't disable the virus scanner during the driver install. I uninstalled, rebooted, disabled the virus scanner and installed the driver again. Still same problem.

Does Nvidia have a program that will remove all driver files and registry settings? ATi does. It's a pretty good program.

Good news is the old tree view is still in the drivers if you enable them on the menu. I enabled the tree view and am able to access everything. I guess if the problem I'm having is the worst thing I have to deal with then I'll be fine. I'll blast Nvidia an email with the error message in it and let them know its happening. I'll probably upgrade to Vista in the near future anyway so any corruption problems will be taken care of with a clean install.

Now where are the Vista drivers at? Hmmmm.....

11-30-06, 11:22 PM
Update: I used some slightly older Nvidia nforce mobo drivers so I downloaded the latest/greatest earlier and downloaded the newest drivers from Asus. I then disabled the virus scanner and uninstalled all Nvidia drivers and rebooted. I then installed the updated Nforce drivers and rebooted. Then I installed the new Asus drivers and rebooted again. All appears to be working fine now. Heck, I even installed the Ntune software. Life is good. The only negative I have to report is that Battlefield 2 drops to the desktop once in a while, but I attribute that to immature drivers. I'm confident future updates will fix that little problem.

I'm glad I'm back in the Nvidia camp again. This card is freaking awesome!