View Full Version : Green???

08-17-02, 01:06 AM
Whenever my computer tries to put my monitor to sleep from inactivity, it instead turns green. Since I always turn my monitor off manually anyway, it really isn't much of an issue, just kinda wierd to come back to it and see everything bright green.
Also, during Windows startup, I get all sorts of green flashes. I also get green flashes when I try to change video modes. Sometimes I get nothing but green and a system crash.

It should be noted that none of this happens if I use the standard vga display adapter, which indicates to me that this is a display driver issue. Also, I am using version 21.83 of the drivers because all the new ones cause Windows to crash at startup.

Anybody got any idea what could be causing this?

08-19-02, 10:53 PM
I haven't touched the card. It came this way.

PS: Forgot some info above. It's a geforce 2 mx 400 running on my win98se pc.