View Full Version : New Mousepad!!

11-29-06, 09:38 PM
I picked up a new mousepad tonight, from wal-mart no less. It's called LaserMat. It's the best I've ever used, and it's only $6!!! Best $6 I spent in a long time, I love it, my sister is already wanting one. I won't trade it for any other, unless it's an ICEmat. It glides my mouse so easy. It has electrostatic backing, so it is glued to the desk, until you want to move it. It's about 3 sheets of paper thick. Black w/red pinstripes.

Just thought I'd let ya know.

11-29-06, 09:44 PM
That sounds really cool. I need to get a mousepad. I'll check that out.

11-29-06, 10:21 PM
Can't be the $6. I'm still VERY happy with my sUrface1030 from Func. Had it for over 2 years and its still going strong. I'll be passing this mousepad down to my great grandchildren.

11-29-06, 10:42 PM
I love my Icemat 2 :)

I wish I had a black one but this red one works great. The rust color is pretty gross and the surface can be kind of loud, but overall it works extremely well. I doubt I'll be getting a new mouse pad for a very long time, and when I do, itl most likely be an Icemat 3 :D

11-29-06, 11:05 PM
I'm still quite happy with my exactmat (razer)...Woks great for me...

11-29-06, 11:14 PM
Looks OK, for about 2years I don't use any mousepad without noticeable problem.
Well since it's only $6 maybe I should try one to see if there is any difference.

11-29-06, 11:17 PM
Im using an Xray Aqua3 cloth pad. Thing is amazing, smooth, silky and it must me like 2ft by 1 ft big. I love it. $11.99

11-30-06, 06:45 AM
I think I will stick with my Steelpad 5L

11-30-06, 06:55 AM
I'm using a Cheap Rantopad that came free when I bought my 3800 and mother board.

It feels pretty good and it's quiet. Collects dust like a PS3 though :(

11-30-06, 08:02 AM
Collects dust like a PS3 though :(

Nomination for QUOTE OF THE YEAR!!!! LOL!!!

11-30-06, 08:29 AM
my desk works great, huge wooden smooth "mousepad" ;)

11-30-06, 09:55 AM
I thought I had found my perfect mousepad in my Func 1030, until I noticed the other day that the smoother side (the one I used) was worn down to the point where the mouse was starting to stick. I've flipped it over and started using the rougher side even though I don't like the texture as much, but I'm hoping maybe it will hold up better.