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12-01-06, 08:13 PM
Not sure if you guys here know about 1UP's show and podcast but they release them every Friday and there usually very good especially the podcast which is great for the drive home or relaxing right before bed. I recommend both.

The 1UP Show: Episode 58 (Elite Beat Agents, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Viva Pinata)
http://www.1up.com/do/minisite?cId=3145462 (Stream and many other formats)

1UP Yours - Podcast - 12/01/2006
http://zdmedia.vo.llnwd.net/o1/Podcasts/120106.mp3 (34.5MB) - Length: 1:24:23)

http://www.1up.com/do/minisite?cId=3144909 (EGM, Games for Windows and Podcast)

12-01-06, 10:27 PM
Yea, a couple have been posted here before. I downloaded this episode earlier on my desktop(on my lappy now). Forgot to watch it though.

Anyway, I played Viva Pinata at EB games and I was pretty addicting.

12-02-06, 11:14 AM
Some of the guys on that podcast are dooshbags with really bad opinions on the industry.

12-02-06, 12:35 PM
I really love the show. Loved the Viva review :)

12-02-06, 02:03 PM
Yep, I'm a subscriber to their casts. Their shows are the best on the internet by far. Yeah, some of them are douches, but that's what makes half of the show so great. They are actual people, actual gamers, and they do the show as such. They constantly rag on each other and games, wear their minds on their sleeve, and really arent' afraid to say anything. 5 star imo.