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12-01-06, 08:49 PM
Here is a score from Warrock, a game I play constantly. I think its probably my best score ever in a game.


Show off your high scores. (nana2)

12-01-06, 09:10 PM
I've always wondered if you can beat pacman.

12-01-06, 09:38 PM
I've always wondered if you can beat pacman.
1 guy did back in the day and got a perfect score at it too.

world champion - billy mitchell

It took almost twenty years, but on July 3, 1999 for the first time ever, a perfect score of 3,333,360 was achieved on Pac-Man by Billy Mitchell at the Funspot Family Fun Center, Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. To achieve this, Billy had to eat every single bonus prize and every possible blue ghost in all 256 levels of the game - a feat which took him over six hours to complete. Not only that but he didn't lose a single life. It was the first ever perfect game of Pac-Man.

On completing the game, Billy announced "I never have to play that darn game again". He had been playing for seventeen years. In a recent interview with videogames.com, Billy spoke about how he did it.

I understand the behavior of the ghosts and am able to manipulate the ghosts into any corner of the board I choose. This allows me to clear the screen with no patterns. This was a more difficult method for the initial 18 screens. I chose to do it this way because I wanted to demonstrate the depths of my abilities. I wanted to raise the bar higher - to a level that no one else could match.

Imagine a world in which Billy Mitchell never encountered Pac-Man. Put to good use his sharp mind, excellent hand-eye coordination, incredibly long attention span and his prodigious talent for problem-solving probably would have led the world into a utopian technological society by now. The human genome would have been mapped by the mid eighties. World poverty would have been eliminated entirely. The air and the earth would be clean. We'd be living in an age of unprecedented peace. Serbs and Kosovars would be frolicking hand in hand cracking jokes about their ethnic differences. Billy Mitchell would have a girlfriend. Instead, Billy Mitchell played Pac-Man and grew a moustache.

Pac Man Champion (http://jongy.tripod.com/History.html)

12-06-06, 01:40 AM
Not too shabby I guess :D

12-06-06, 08:02 AM
Not too shabby I guess :D

Nice, I was playing that last night and got absolutely owned. :)

It was a "Noobs Only" server, haha..

They have the unarmed attack down to a science, not to mention the crouch-strafe sideways-kill you in 1 second combo... Still fun..

12-06-06, 10:12 AM
Oh man I seemed to have lost my Mohaas screenshot where I was like 146 - 0.. :( (Sniper's only server)

12-06-06, 10:25 AM
My friend and I were the entire team there. It really sucked, but after suffering through the map for so long we didn't want to leave and just give up even though our team sucked and we had to do all the work. That was back when I actually didn't mind playing that buggy heap of a game. Now Dice would have to pay me to run their crappy games on my machine.

12-06-06, 12:23 PM
I play pistols only in FEAR :)

12-29-06, 06:38 AM
I don't know if anyone will be able to appreciate this, as most likely no one here plays this game, but this one is from Savage. My previous best had been 19:7 and I'm usually just around 1:1, so suddenly going better than 5:1...shows how many noobs there were on the server.:D

BTW, humans in this game generally have better K : D because they have items that basically ensure they almost never die (for people who know what they're doing). Some people have gone over 100:0 as humans (one did it for beasts too, but that was due to a map that conveniently let him sit back and snipe all game, which is very atypical).

I go by Cybertron (which is why it's a different color in the screenies):
And the awards:

Was only the second time I've ever gotten sadist (and the other one was early in the morning when not many people were on) so I felt the need to come and share it.(nana2)

12-29-06, 08:31 AM
I scored over 600,000 in Lumines Live last night. My eyes were burning horrible so I had to actually quit the game though. Still, that placed me 90th worldwide for the week.

The highest score of all times is over 6,000,000! I can't imagine how long that took.

12-29-06, 02:28 PM
I got over 1,000,000 points in Super Mario Bros. in 10 minutes (xmasgrin)

01-14-07, 12:34 AM

01-14-07, 09:51 AM
Played CS:S for the first time in over a year and I ended up with a 30/8 score... pretty dam good for being rusty....

01-14-07, 11:00 AM
Man, I'm just not as good as I used to be at any games.

I havent been a top scorer in months. I don't play many games anymore but when I do I usually don't do very well.

01-14-07, 11:53 AM
I've always wondered if you can beat pacman.
I don't know but back in the 80s I bought a book that showed the patterns the ghosts took. I used it to win a Pac Man trophy for highest score. :)

01-14-07, 09:29 PM
I am [HF] Shamrock in the screenshot. The reason I didnt get 1st, was because the first place guy killed other things for points, like generators, inventory stations, radar, etc.