View Full Version : weird psu, video card, or cpu issue..any ideas?

12-03-06, 04:59 PM
i have a neo480 that is about 1 year old.

my system consists of:

AMD A64 3000+ @ 2.45Ghz
1gig ram PC5000 (2 x 512mb) @ 454mhz
EVGA 7900GT 512mb (stock 560mhz,1500mhz) trying to run at 620,1570 with zalman cu-900 cooler.

When I got this card a month or two ago, I had no problem running the video card at speeds higher than 620/1570 with my cpu at the overclocked speed of 2.45Ghz (9x275HTT).

Today, I installed new nvidia drivers, and tried to reclock the video card up to the 620,1570, and it either would not pass, or the computer would reboot. When I clocked my CPU down to stock, then it would work.

What's up with that? It used to work and now it doesn't? Everything is cooled very well, and that is definitely not the problem. Any ideas? Is my neo480 dying? The voltages look good, but I've heard that there may be problems with them on A8N's.

To make it more interesting, I found that if the gpu is cold (40C or so) and i try to overclock it, it is less likely to work than if I heat it up by using ATItool. In fact, I just heated it up to about 50C, and overclocked it, and it passed. The settings do not seem to hold though.

Also, when I downclock the system ram and cpu, it still does not seem to pass overclocking. It seems to be either some weird thing with the power supply, or a bug with the drivers that don't let it overclock when it's cold?

12-03-06, 05:44 PM
Have you tried to install the drivers you had installed and see if it works then and if it dose'nt it could be a power supply problem.What is your cpu voltage set at ,you may need to give it a little more juice unless you already have it around 1.55v.How many amps does your power supply put out on the 12v rail ,I tried to look it up but don't see a neo 480watt on there site.

12-03-06, 06:02 PM
Please see my edit above....

but to answer your question, the neo480 has 18a and 15a on the 12v1 and 12v2 rails.