View Full Version : Wii - on or off

12-03-06, 11:46 PM
For those of you that have a Wii, do you leave it on all the time or do you turn yours off?

12-04-06, 12:58 AM
When I get one I will power it off completely when I won't play games.

12-04-06, 01:44 AM
well its never off actually... when you power it off its still "on" :bleh:

yeah scary isnt it :p

12-04-06, 03:28 AM
I leave it off whenever I'm done playing with Wii. Yeah the machine is still on but most hardware are turned off. Yup, a bit scary.

12-04-06, 07:06 AM
Nintendo are watching you masturbate.

12-04-06, 11:28 AM
I keep mine on using WiiConnect24 all the time.

12-04-06, 11:56 AM
yeah, i started to pout it into standby mode, but meh, ill just leave it on all the time.

12-04-06, 12:06 PM
All my consoles are put into standby mode if they have it, only one I don't have on standby is the X360.

12-04-06, 06:53 PM
After I am done playing with my Wii, :naughty: I turn it off!