View Full Version : First PS1 Downloads hit the PS Store

12-04-06, 03:10 PM
Crash Bandicoot - 469MB
Cool Boarders - 283MB
Hot Shots Golf 2 - 157MB
Syphon Filter - 385MB
Tekken 2 - 535MB


12-04-06, 03:15 PM
pretty good prices, hopefully we can get old school warhawk and jet moto on there soon. :)

12-04-06, 03:31 PM
Yeah I am surprised and I think many are that Jet Moto wasnt on there considering it was used in alot of the demos for the store.
I am just cranky that japan got Biohazard/RE and jumping flash and we get....Crash Bandicoot

12-04-06, 03:33 PM
The original Crash Bandicoot was great! But I agree with you that Jumping Flash would have been far better to get...

12-04-06, 03:44 PM
The ironic thing is ridge racer not being there. :p

Mr. Hunt
12-04-06, 07:40 PM
Wow... I forgot about Cool Boarders... I used to love that freaking game.