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12-05-06, 02:54 PM
Hi, I posted this on another forum:
I have a NF3 lanparty UT250 and in it i have 2 512mb sticks of geil value ddr 400 ram, an A64 3000 and a Geforce 6800Gt. I wanted to upgrade my system but only so that I could wait until vista is out, DX10 is well down the line, and supported well by both red and green camps.

I've just got a nice new monitor but its native res 1680x1050 is a struggle in some games. I'm fed up of loosing half-seconds or more worth of frames in the middle of firefights and just after loading, when the system is pushed, when the rest of the time the FPS is acceptable.

I was going to add 1 gig of ram, but I have only the one free ram slot-

~~~could you let me know if I could just whack a 1gig ddr 400 module in there (say, Crucial 1GB DDR PC3200 CAS3) and then my system would be fine and register 2 gigs?

I was told
'You can just stick a 1 gig stick in there and it should be fine. The cpu might not let you run at 1t timings though and you'll see a decrease from that, but the gains you get from more ram will easily surpass and decrease from the 2t timing issue.'

what I'd really like to know is- what is this timing issue? would this be worth doing and is it really going to give a good result?

Lastly, how much improvement would i get from putting a 7800gs in there? I'd be very grateful for any advice or sensible answers :p

12-07-06, 10:13 AM
bump! anyone there, is this annoying? sorry. I realised theres probably a rule against this somewhere, after I did this- apologies!