View Full Version : 8800GTX and Beeps

12-05-06, 06:10 PM
Just a heads up I noticed when getting this new mobo.

When a overclock fails my BIOS must be returned to default. I get three beeps and a black screen when trying to post because the default voltage (1.84v) is not enough to push my ram. I have to pull one stick, up the voltage in the BIOS then put the other back in.

So if you are getting three beeps from your mobo, a black screen and no post, it is likely your memory not getting enough juice not your vid card.

Xion X2
12-05-06, 11:30 PM
You can also read the LED on the mobo, too. It flashes a code that you can check in the back of your manual. Most of the time you'll know what's wrong from reading the code. The beep is just an alarm; I've had my mobo beep for reasons other than the memory.

The code for a memory problem is "C1" I believe. And yeah, it's a pain in the keister to have to boot on a lower voltage memory stick every time your bios resets itself. I picked up a 30$ cheap stick of DDR2 from newegg for when that happens.