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12-05-06, 08:40 PM
Days of testing with my new XFX 7950 GT and I still haven't nailed it down:

Started with forceware 93.71 and tried 6 other versions down to 84.xx. Uninstalling and running Driver Clean Pro between each. After a clean install of Windows Media Center Edition 2005 SP2 things were rolling along fine until I installed Acronis True Image Home v10. After restarting (upon completion of the installation) the XP logo screen was corrupted and so was the logon screen. I logged in anyway. Every time I clicked on an icon the screen would blank for about 2 seconds.

I uninstalled True Image, rebooted, same problem. I powered down and restarted, same problem. I restarted into safe mode, no problem video solid as a rock. Rebooted into normal mode and NO problem, still solid as a rock. Ran VERIFIER (MS driver verification program) and chose "all drivers", rebooted and got BSOD 0x000000C4, rebooted to BSOD 0x00000050, rebooted to BSOD 0x000000D6. Ran SFC to make sure files were OK they were fine.

So I unloaded VERIFIER and rebooted to Safe Mode, came up fine. Rebooted to Normal mode, came up fine. Ran VERIFIER again selecting only nv4_mini.sys, the only "driver" that VERIFIER will check since that's the only part of Forceware with a .sys extension. Rebooted and all is well.

After getting into a normal XP mode I run Sisoft Sandra Burn-in and other strenuous tasks to try and "break" the system - to no avail. I run Prime95 all night - no errors (this over the last 4 days and nights). Started this morning installing Power Desk, restarted, back to the same old sh*t. But I know how to fix it now, right? Reboot to Safe Mode, reboot to normal. All is well.

Well not really, who the hell wants to reboot through Safe Mode? I haven't got a clue what's really causing the problem, except that all points to the XFX 7950 GT and/or the drivers although I've tried quite a few versions even the old standby's that everyone swears are rock solid. If you've made it this far through this rant and have any suggestions before I RMA this sucker please, please, please chime in.

12-06-06, 08:04 PM
RMA'd and replaced with a 7900 GS. Not as fast but was on sale at Best Buy for $149.99. Couldn't pass it up. Finally a working system:)

XFX Support
12-07-06, 10:46 AM
Glad to see you were able to RMA the card. Keep us posted on how the replacement performs for you.

XFX Support