View Full Version : How does Intel feel about Nvidia promoting the OCing of their CPU's?

12-05-06, 11:45 PM
I find it interesting there is so much vendor support of overclocking these days, to the point where the vendors are providing both the software tools and detailed instructions to do so, plus specifically engineering their products for such activities. Of course it makes sense as thats what people want, but its interesting to me that vendors them selves are bringing it into the maintream. I would think they would have a greater deal of RMAs to deal with.

Its one thing for Nvidia to promote overclocking on thier own hardware, but I thought is was interesting they are actually promoting the overclocking of Intels CPUs, with thier new 680i Overclock guide.

Anybody have thoughts or comments in regards to this trend? I would be interested to hear them...

12-05-06, 11:51 PM
intel supports overclocking now if iirc.

EDIT: nevermind.

12-06-06, 01:25 AM
NVidia "new i680 Overclock guide" ? :)
Where can I find it ?

12-06-06, 02:31 AM
Nvidia 680i Core 2 Duo Overclocking Guide:

12-06-06, 04:54 AM
As long as they are both making money they probably view it as win|win.

12-06-06, 06:28 AM
Yeah they probably realized that more people buy the low end models anyway so they aren't really losing out on many high-end sales by showing people how to overclock. If anything, they're showing how much speed you can squeeze out of a cheaper CPU, which makes them worth significantly more to the enthusiasts.