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12-06-06, 11:45 PM
Q : What is your best 8800GTX OC and what are you using to test/stress it?

I have an evga 8800GTX and I cant get it to OC stable above 612MHz (stock fan settings). Maxing the fan out (via nTune) only helps a little. If I run at 621MHz for a while, the system locks and then, if I dont reset, I get an NV4-BSOD.

Note, when moving the frequency sliders in rivatuner, I see the monitored frequencies jump from 576->594->612->621->648. Are you seeing this as well?

I'm using ATiTool 3D view (fuzzy cube) to stress it. I've found nothing better wrt stressing vid cards; rthdrbl can only get the GPU to 79C but fuzzy cube hits 83C (Tamb ~26C).

The card seems to have been reworked (has the 40C resistor). The card also has two stickers, the evga sticker laid (not very well aligned) over what appears to be the reference card sticker (green on edges).

When I powered up the system the first few times after installing the card, I was greeted by a loud screeching from the card. I opened it up and moved some wires around and the problem went away. I think I just had a Tprobed shoved up under the card's HS making contact w/ the fan but have some concerns that perhaps the sound was some component failure.

My temps are ~55C (UC GPU/MEM @ 300/700MHz) and I see 79-83C during stress testing. The GPU fan is at 60% normally and starts going up at ~79C hitting ~66% max. The case is well ventilated, 3 120mm thermally controlled fans over MB at ~1300rpm max + thermally controlled slot fan next to 8800GTX to help exhaust vid-card heat.

I am using rivatuner to OC. ATiTool worked as well but riva has better monitor graphs. nTune "Find Optimal" locked up my system w/ fullscreen gray. I know I'm cpu/MB limited (3DMark05/06~14500/7900) so OC'ing the vid is really pointless but I can't help myself (must OC must upgrade).

12-07-06, 01:06 AM
I can do 630/2200. If I keep the memory stock I can do 640 on the core, otherwise it locks up. I have been using nTune.

Havn't tried Rivatuner yet to see how high the memory will go as it seems a bit fruitless given that my core only does 630. Performance gains are very slight in that range of memory speed, so it seems more bandwidth is not what is needed.

I have yet to try and balance 640 core with a lower memory clock to see if I can find a better performance sweet spot, considering the core seems to help more than memory speed.

Since that much memory bandwidth doesn't really help that much with a 630 core I have been running it at 2100 or so as to not stress it too much.

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I guess I'll ask my question there?
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