View Full Version : Anyone using a SATA DVD RW drive?

12-08-06, 09:29 AM
Anyone using these srives how does windows install on it or do you still need
to load the SATA drivers from floppy before hand? But then again how does windows put and install before you install the drivers?

12-08-06, 10:23 AM
I have the Plextor PX755SA and you don't need any special drivers to do a fresh install of Windows. SATA Raid controllers are another story though.

12-08-06, 10:48 AM
That depends on the SATA controller you use. If it's the nVidia SATA controller, you don't need to install any drivers, it just works. If you have a different controller, you may need drivers. I need drivers for my Silicon Image controller to be seen by the windows installer.

12-08-06, 11:07 AM
Cool thank you very much think i will get a SATA drive then as i will be going with a nForce 680i and have 3 ATA device, 1x DVD, 1 DVD RW and 1 LS120 Super Floppy drive which is to install raid drivers rather then slip streaming. Not the way i upgrade my hardware i will have 20 discs lol