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12-08-06, 11:44 PM
I'm surprised that I'm not able to upgrade my gateway athlon 3700+ 2.2ghz. or at least i have found no information to do so. I contacted FIC the mobo
manufacturer and they said the mobo is OEM not retail and that I would have to contact Gateway. I've sent several emails to Gateway and they basically don't support upgrades of processors.
I remember HP can void your waranty if you install a graphics card so contacting these manufacurers is useless because they don't recomend 3rd party labor on there machines.
They have explained installing the cpu by email and by there website info, but I haven't been able to confirm that the cpu will not run underclocked if I install a faster cpu.

12-08-06, 11:56 PM
My computer is new and I intended to by the 4000+2.4ghz but I found a deal on a floor model 3700+ that I bought instead. The fx-55 or the fx-57 is the upgrades and they are all sandiego chips with basically the exact same specs
except for processor speed 2.6ghz or 2.8ghz.
The prices on the chips are fx-55 for $129.00 and the fx-57 for $300.00.
I wouldn't be gaining much by upgrading most of the time though I wouldn't mind the extra speed for games at times.

12-09-06, 12:03 AM
There is not much information on the internet about upgrading HP or Gateway
retail computers except some really old style systems.
If I were to buy a new mobo and cpu and OS I would not get the fx I would get the Intel core2 duo, but I would get the fx if I could install and plug and just plug and play.
My 3700+ has a 11 multylier and it is probably locked at that if I install a fx chip where the multyplier is 13 or 14 then I'm afraid the cpu would run undrcl****ed at 2.2ghz the same as the 3700+.
If any readers have any experience with this type of upgrade I would appreciate some advice....

12-09-06, 03:15 AM
IMO i would not upgrade to another AMD,since you already have a 3700 and it will over clock to 2.5 at least,if I was you I would get a Core 2 Duo ,you could get a Core 2 Duo E6400 $217 and a Asus Motherboard for $104 and a 1Gig of corsair for around $100 and 2gigs for around $200 and the E6400 will overclock to at least 3.2gigs or more.Ever prebuild system I ever had made it almost imposable to get in the Bios and change things you want so you can overclock ,I would just save the money you are going to spend on a new amd and do a better upgrade .

12-09-06, 11:14 AM
Right John, the core 2 duo is the best deal now if I were to do a complete system. It is not overclocking that I am concerned with I would be happy if the fx-55 would run at its stock speeed of 2.6ghz for $129.00 it would be worth it to me, but if I installed it and it ran underclocked at 2.2ghz the same as the 3700+ is now I would have wasted $129.00 for no gain and possibly losing my whole system.
The only way that I have to verify if the fx-55 would run at its normal 2.6ghz is trial and error seeing how niether FIC or Gateway will not comment on this upgrade.
Still hoping someone else reading this forum has successfully upgraded their processor on a gateway type mobo and will comment.

12-09-06, 11:39 AM
What makes you think the Mobo would underclock your CPU?

How much does Gateway let you mess with Bios settings? Can you adjust the FSB?

12-09-06, 11:43 AM
glennalan, try this out, see if it helps id your specs and upgrade paths.


12-09-06, 12:51 PM
I'm not sure about this but I think that all of those are older pcs that are out of the warranty. My pc is new and under waranty and if the fx cpu prices haven't fell so drastically as recently I wouldn't be considering an upgrade. I suppose the problem is really I don't have enough money to throw around to
experiment with these products. Thank for the help I'm still checking the website out.

12-09-06, 12:55 PM
Let's see thats... when upgrading from 75MHZ to 90MHZ or 150MHZ there may be a jumper. The other links are page does not exist or have been deleted.