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12-09-06, 01:06 AM
Hello, all.. I've been to this site quite often; never really registered on the forums until I ran into this problem....

I decided to build my first 'gaming' PC, I've built others and plus this is new technology so this is probably my doing...

After putting together the Computer, everything plugged in and power going to all parts, no video would show, I am not sure if this just a video problem or a motherboard problem; and I'm kind of a noob with building PCs.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Mobo: EVGA NVIDIA NForce 680i SLI Atx
Memory: 2x 1GB Corsair DDR2 800
Video Card: EVGA NVIDIA 8800GTS
PSU: Thermaltake W0106RU 700 Watt
The Case I'm using is a Thermaltake Armor (black) Full Tower case.

Again, I'm not too sure of the problem; I've had friends help, and this is kind of a last resort before professional help, D:

Thank you in advance.

12-09-06, 02:29 AM
Make sure the video card is set all the way and that it has power to it. Also, make sure you have the monitor connector to the right connection on the card. I assume there are two connections on the video card? Just check all your connections everywhere. Do you get any beeps upon booting?

12-09-06, 09:05 AM
No, I dont get any beeps... the video card IS getting power.. the fan runs n all.

12-09-06, 09:35 AM
Looking closly today (i was working on it late last night.) it seems the Motherboard Tray is hitting the backplate of the Video Card and making it pop up on the left side a little bit... I have no idea how to fix that.