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12-09-06, 08:03 PM

I am in the process of building a new workstation, based on Tyan 2915 and dual Opterons.

WS will be used mainly for C++ & Java programming, but also for FPS gaming and watching videos. My graphics card is a single BFG 8800GTX .

I need help deciding on which monitor I should buy. One choice is a great CRT :
Viewsonic Gf225fb, 21 inch:

My other choice is a 20 inch widescreen LCD (with no TV tuner, though):

Unfortunately, those are my only choices in this country at that screen size. Price is about the same.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

12-09-06, 09:48 PM
its just me, i would go with the LCD

12-09-06, 10:05 PM
I can't imagine going with a CRT anymore... seriously if you want the best image quality, go with a widescreen LCD, you'll love a widescreen one especially if you game or have any appreciation for desktop space or do editing in Photoshop

12-09-06, 10:09 PM
I bought a refurb 22" CRT and it is absolutely amazing. LCDs have their place, but until they can do the resolutions and refresh rates (yes, refresh rate still matters if you turn on vsync) of CRTs, I'm going to stay "in the past".

I got a $900 CRT for $170 shipped and in almost every game I play I run at 2048x1536@85Hz and using the "super bright modes" on my screen (i can go through them with one push of a button on the monitor) I easily make games look much much better. In games without HDR, setting my monitor to super bright mode 1 increases the brightness and contrast so that it almost looks like HDR is on. It really looks amazing.

I dont think many (if any) LCD screens can output this kind of brightness, let alone this range of color\lightness.

The downside is that my screen weighs like 80 pounds and takes up most of my desk space. I dont plan on moving it though, so who cares. :p

12-09-06, 11:01 PM

IPS based LCD or a CRT if you care about IQ at all.

12-10-06, 03:16 AM
If youve narrowed it down those two and ONLY those two then get the LCD. They are easier on your eyes, you dont want to go hard on your eyes.

If you dont 100% want those, then get a dell 30 inch. Thats key ;)

12-10-06, 07:42 AM
Thanks for your comments. Please keep them coming!

I've narrowed it down to only those 2 monitors (the 21" CRT Viewsonic G225fB and the 20" LCD Acer Ferrari F-20) because those are the only ones available at that screen size in this country.


Spartan 117
12-10-06, 10:24 AM
well, is space an issue??

then a LCD would be better, and also, which of the 2 is cheaper??

12-10-06, 11:35 AM
well, is space an issue??

then a LCD would be better, and also, which of the 2 is cheaper??

Thanks Spartan for your comments. They are about the same price.

12-10-06, 02:52 PM
I do a lot of text reading for programming, email, surfing the web, Office, and now music creation via Project5(think small text, lots of lines and boxes). Hands down, a quality LCD (not all are created equal in text clarity!) is so much easier on your eyes for text clarity and near perfect geometry.

And it'll do gaming(which I do a lot of) and movies just fine.. If you nitpick, maybe a CRT may be a bit better for gaming and movies, but its not worth it you do a lot of text work. LCD's have come a long way for response time, image scaling, and colors..

For reference, I have a gateway fpd2185w.

The hardcore image and video folks that make a living doing photo and movie work may have a different view.. Or people thats primarily only intersted in watching movies won't like LCD's. But thats a whole 'nother world and different set of requirements.

Spartan 117
12-10-06, 06:58 PM
same here, I have that monitor, and its very good with images and response times and such, so im ahppy with it, and it HD as well :)

12-11-06, 06:54 PM
Thanks for your feedback. I just found out that I can get a demo Dell 3007 (30 inch LCD). From the reviews, it seems like a great monitor?

I have a single 8800GTX. It seems like this card can handle this monitor, but how well? Will I be able to play my FPS games at a high frame rate?