View Full Version : NEC DVD Burner Question

12-11-06, 02:42 PM
Looking to buy an NEC DVD burner.

Specifically the NEC ND-3550A. I've been browsing around and I've also come across an NEC ND-3550.


Is there a difference between the ND-3550 and the ND-3550A?


PS. Oh, any recommendations for any other quieter more reliable burners for about this price range? SATA burners any good?

12-11-06, 04:49 PM
I've been using the one you asked about and it's been fine. I don't know the difference. One may be retail the other oem?

I just came across a lite-on 16x dvdrw at newegg that is SATA for in the low $30's. This is the cheapest i've seen for a sata dvdrw.