View Full Version : xp64 97.44 and SLI???

12-12-06, 06:30 AM
Does anyone have the 97.44 and xp64 with running sli on 8800gtx?

With this driver set I don't get the sli option.


XFX Support
12-12-06, 01:32 PM
Yes, I have ran two 8800GTX on XP64 with the 97.44 drivers. You may want to check in device manager, are both video cards listed under display adapters?

XFX Support

12-12-06, 07:13 PM
Yes they are and do not have any errors.

12-12-06, 07:20 PM
try using nvtweak to see if you can enable the extra settings

12-13-06, 07:45 AM
tried nvtweak, still no SLI tab or choice to enable.

Quite frustrating.

Q: I don't believe that ther eis a difference between server 64 and xp64 at this level. I have dx accel enable in 32 and 64 mode, hardware accell enabled for both cards (second card limits itself to 8-bit and 640x480). Both cards show up flawlessly in device manager. SLI bridge is inplace. Adequate power to both cards. What am I missing???