View Full Version : Why would punk buster kick me out?

12-13-06, 03:17 AM
I was playing FEAR and it said I was kicked out via Punk Buster for 2 minutes, and said updating PB client.

12-13-06, 06:02 AM
It was probably out of date and didnt update fast enough.

If you keep having the problem, go to the punkbuster website and download the manual updater. It fixed issues I had with Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 1942.

12-13-06, 05:12 PM
Oh ok, I was wondering if those dudes maybe booted me out via punk buster becuase i was about to win. lol

12-13-06, 05:21 PM
if this keeps happening you might need to do a manual update for punkbusters.

12-13-06, 05:46 PM
because you have h4x :p

12-14-06, 07:20 AM
Punkbuster does not allow those who transcend time and space to play online :D

Capt. Picard
12-14-06, 07:24 AM
And also no punks are allowed to play online.

You've been busted.