View Full Version : Overscan with G80

12-14-06, 06:08 PM
Anyone got overscan working properly on a GeForce 8800 GTX yet? I'm running 97.44 right now. I see the option in Control Panel but it doesn't seem to actually do anything. I can adjust the slider but it won't save.

Sorry if this is a repost, I couldn't find anything.

Using an Samsung 32" LCD TV as a second monitor. Running on 1080i.

12-14-06, 06:29 PM
Nope, not me (not for lack of trying)! :(

12-14-06, 06:34 PM
whats overscan?

12-14-06, 07:46 PM
It's typical on TVs when you plug them into your video cards. Hmm how do I describe overscan to someone who's never seen it? Let's just say that the resolution outputted is bigger than the area displayable... Does that make sense?

12-14-06, 07:52 PM
so it condenses a higher res to fit on a small screen?