View Full Version : The Badest Monitor Ever Made

12-15-06, 03:17 PM
Sony Trinitron PremierPro 24" 2304x1440 - $699 Refurb ($2000 new)


12-15-06, 03:48 PM
Man I swore by CRT'S for the longest time, but the ass on a 23" CRT these days compared to equivalent 23” flat panel…not.

I don’t have the room for a monster like that non the less nice monitor and great price even if it’s a refurb.

12-15-06, 06:22 PM
Uh... whats the deal with it?

My friend has a 22 @ 1900x1200 and it looks great, better than that.

12-15-06, 06:25 PM
I think my table would break in half if I bought that. How much does it weight?

12-15-06, 06:39 PM
My mate Peter has one of these has had it for years won't sell it he loves it that much. and yes it's freaking heavy as hell.

12-15-06, 08:47 PM
100lbs, and I guess its only as deep at a 21".

Spartan 117
12-15-06, 08:53 PM
Holy Sh!t

thats heavier then my 27" TV in my room :o

12-15-06, 09:10 PM
Holy Sh!t

thats heavier then my 27" TV in my room :o

lol maybe its not that much then. Thats what the guy told me.

12-16-06, 08:50 PM
Well a regular TV shouldn't be as heavy as a CRT monitor. The CRT supports resolutions a lot higher than the TV.

12-16-06, 08:52 PM
My brother and I each got 1 of these monitors last year. They are awesome. They were both refurbs and in perfect condition. After adjusting them to our preferred resolutions and refresh rates they are UNbeatable.

The blacks are truly black, the colors are superbly vibrant and text is crisp. I was just about to buy the Dell 24" which I had tried out quite a bit when I noticed these on pricewatch.

I'm looking at possibly picking up one for reserve as I don't know how long these refurbs will last.

Sure it weighs 95lbs, but I moved it once and here it will stay, on my oak desk. :)

Ours were $450 each including shipping.

12-17-06, 03:06 AM
Well a regular TV shouldn't be as heavy as a CRT monitor. The CRT supports resolutions a lot higher than the TV.
?? Umm, what does the resolution have to do with the weight of the monitor...? Or am I missing something...

Wouldn't it just depend on the size of the tube? which is a direct relation to the viewable area of the screen....not the resolution.

12-17-06, 04:16 AM
My 22" HP P1230 kicks some major ass too.

It isnt widescreen, but the resolutions and refresh rates are amazing, as is the black\color quality and the brightness.

I play any game I can at 2048x1536@85Hz. Super bright mode 1 makes any game look like it has HDR. I also have 2 inputs, so I have 2 systems hooked up to it and I can switch between them with the push of a button.

One other thing to remember with CRTs is that you tend to have them close to you. With an LCD, you have plenty of room to set it anywhere on your desk. With a large CRT, its most likely going to be pretty close up on your desk, so unless you sit really far away its going pretty much fill your view where as a similar sized LCD sitting another foot and a half away is going to appear much smaller. It sounds dumb, I know, but go look at the placement of most people's screens. If they have an LCD its almost always in the middle or rear of their desk space, or it might even be up on a platform... why bother buying such a big screen if you're going to have it another 2 feet away? :p

BTW, I got my monitor as a refurb for $170 after shipping. :thumbsup:

12-17-06, 05:13 AM
I have my LCD pretty close. A little too close probably :o

I do miss my CRT though. I play a lot of old DOS games and while SCUMMVM is nice and all, it doesn't quite seem right playing in a window or scaled full screen on an LCD, when a CRT can switch the the games native res and look just right.