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12-16-06, 06:59 AM
I run WindowsXP and an XBox 360. I have a collection of various types of media files. I'd like to play them throught the XBox 360 via LAN, using the Media menu without purchasing more software (such as Windows MCE or a commercial encoder).

I have tried streaming with Videora and TVersity. I have gotten them to work, but with poor performance and stability. I'm happy to run a encoding session overnight if necessary to convert files so I can sit down and watch on TV instead of on PC. My net searches so far have turned up tones of dodgy looking commercial software and shareware, a bunch of free programs that don't really work, or are too old and are not compatible with current standards/formats. The Microsoft WMV encoder will not read my files, even though Windows Media player will.

Can anyone recommend a free encoder that actually works, converting various AVI encodings, XVID, DIVX etc., to WMV?

12-16-06, 07:27 AM
Perhaps you would prefer to look up a transcoding solution like tversity (http://www.tversity.com/). This basicly encodes wmv on-the-fly to your xbox. Since it's an on-demand process, you can keep your files in whatever format they were on (xvid, divx etc..)

Hope it helps, but if you really want a encoding solution, look up the VLC forums.

12-16-06, 08:29 AM
Thanks, already tried TVersity. Which VLC forum is that? Google finds Video LAN forum, checking out Video Lan Client now.

...Back, just converted a file with VLC, using a batch command from forum. Worked beautifully. No sound on PC, but all fine on XBox :thumbsup:.

12-17-06, 07:28 AM
VLC seems to play anything.

12-17-06, 11:24 AM
Transcode 360 is the way to go! ;) http://www.runtime360.com/