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12-16-06, 09:30 AM
Ok I have the eVGA Geforce G8800 GTS installed. Its running, it seems to idle at around 67c. I don't think its really all that hot since it is after all normal for these high end cards to run at these high temps. I also noticed that while playing a game the more eye candy I turned on the higher my FPS seemed to go. I am not sure how the new Anti Aliasing works, but I turned on all that. It says I have 16xQ Anti Aliasing. I didn't see a difference in games, my FPS hasn't really increased.

During the Adrianne Demo my FPS was 19-20.

12-16-06, 09:46 AM
Try overriding the AA and AF settings through nv control panel. So that way games will use the control panel settings.. You gotta try that with oblivion.. You will be amazed how good it looks.