View Full Version : Opteron 170 or 4400+ ?

12-16-06, 12:36 PM
I have two options right now, and they're the exact same price on newegg ($189.99) right now....

The cons of the Opteron is the 200mhz lower stock clock, but it comes with a retail cooler

The con of the Athlon is that it's an OEM cpu, so no heatsink....

I don't know if i'll be replacing the heatsink right away, so the inclusion of a retail heatsink might be a big perk, especially if it's one with heatpipes and proves to actually be a good heatsink. I also know the Opteron is an insane overclocker.....

What do you guys think? I know most of you have had experience with either the X2 Athlons or an opteron here. I'm really interested to hear

12-16-06, 01:00 PM
go with the opty, better OCs and more cache.

12-16-06, 01:51 PM
The 4400+ has the same amount of cache as the 170 does and the 4400+ has a 11 multipler and and the opteron 170 has a 10 multipler ,but the opteron tend to overclock better most of the time.

12-16-06, 02:11 PM
Here's something interesting, i've been advised that the 165's overclock slightly better because i have a better chance of getting a better overclockign stepping... something to think about... although it is a low multiplier of 9

12-16-06, 10:27 PM
if you want to oc go with the opteron if you want to run stock get a 4400+.

12-16-06, 11:19 PM
The 4400+ I bought actually overclocked better then my Opteron 175 did,There has been a lot of 4400+ sold so you would get a good stepping and the 89watts ones overclock even better,But it is always the luck of the draw how good one will overclock ,the 4400+ I got a cuple of months ago would just do 2.8gigs

12-16-06, 11:45 PM
Opty for sure.

I asked the same question back in February, I was apprehensive at first, but I'm soooo glad i went w/ the 170. Mines been at 2.80GHz+ on stock cooling since i got it, although was lucky with the stepping, got a CCB1E 0550VPMW.

Mine is also paired with a DFI Lanparty UT nF4-SLI DR Expert, and 2x1GB G.SKILL DDR 500 3-4-4-8.

12-17-06, 06:46 AM
go for the Opty i had a 4400 and it did not oc high for me buy i have a 175 and i love it

12-17-06, 08:40 AM
Opterons overclock better as they have a lower standard voltage.

12-17-06, 09:01 AM
It is luck of the draw, but the Opterons give you more of a chance. The 175 would be preferrable however, if you can find one.

12-17-06, 01:44 PM
It is luck of the draw, but the Opterons give you more of a chance. The 175 would be preferrable however, if you can find one.

I can find one.... i believe newegg has them last time i looked.
I was looking to spend under $200, that's why the 170 and 4400+ got my first choice.

I'll probably run it stock at first... but not for too long, more than likely i'll have it atleast at 2.6ghz if not 2.8ghz, but it wont' be any higher than that, i'm not planning on turning it into an extreme system