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12-18-06, 10:32 AM
After having installed the 97.44 drivers for my new NVIDIA 8800 PALIT GTS I'm unable to get to the classic panel. Does it still exist in this driver version? Moreover if I want to install older drivers it says they are not compatible with my 8800. What does it mean? Do other drivers exit for my cars? Besides I had a problem on one of my hard drives when I installed them. I wanted to overclock my card and it sent me to the nvidia website to download ntune, which I did. When I tried to choose the optimal overclocking settings for my card the screen went blue and my system froze. Otherwise with other hard disks it works normally. Can anyone help? I also had to stop overclocking my asrock 939-dual SATA because after a certain time in games my computer rebooted all the time, which never happened with my 6800 GT ( CPU, PCI-E ASYNCHRONE ).There obviously is a problem with this card.
Thanks for your help

12-18-06, 10:33 AM
newer panel is better

12-18-06, 10:43 AM
Use NTtray, you can enable the old style.

btw the new CP sux.

12-18-06, 10:57 AM
as fatal1ty said, or use the regestry edit.

12-18-06, 11:07 AM
Use NTtray, you can enable the old style.

btw the new CP sux.

12-18-06, 12:20 PM
Hi again,
I can't start Nvtray though it's installed. If I go to the registry what do I have to find and wat do I have to change ?

12-18-06, 12:33 PM
Run => regedit

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NvCplApi\Policies]

1 = old panel, 2= new panel

12-18-06, 12:35 PM
3 = both :p

12-18-06, 01:32 PM
3 = both :p
I tried the 3. It didn't work for me.

12-18-06, 03:28 PM
You sure?

Works for me and on other pc's.

12-18-06, 03:58 PM
I'll give it another go..

12-18-06, 04:42 PM
But does the old panel properly support AA for the GeForce8 cards? I don't think so...

12-18-06, 06:20 PM
Hi again,
Thanks for your help, but just like OnDborder I can only get to classic panel. More surprising with the new panel , if I want to O'clock it sends me to nvidia website to download ntune. I do it and really I don't understand why I can't o'clock with the new nvidia panel. Moreover if I try to do it with ntune it freezes almost immediately. There's a real prob.
Can anyone help. I did it with a freh XP install. Are there other Forceware drivers for the 8800 series?
Thanks for your help.

12-18-06, 06:42 PM
Hmm yeah i'd like to get back to the classic CP aswell :|
might check that regedit value later.