View Full Version : You really do get what you pay for

12-20-06, 12:10 AM
So I am learning now not to go cheap.
Thought I never would burn DVD's and bought a DVD only drive for 20 WRONG
Thought a 40 dollar 500 watt power supply would last me a couple years WRONG
Thought a 20 dollar computer case was a steal WRONG

the only thing I did right was not kill myself on the graphics card and waited for the 8800 GTX =)

Last fallacy is what's buggin me right now. My cheapo computer case came with a cheapo power button that is somehow now stuck in the perpetually on state. As soon as i flip my power supply on the CPU goes on and then off because my mobo shuts off I think if you hold the power button.

Was a good learning experience,
I came to the conclusion that the power switch is just a logical and to the mobo with the power button completing the circuit. I'm using that fact to hotwire my PC for now. This is not acceptable in the long term, so does anyone know how:
1) to fix a power switch
2) where i can by a new power switch without replacing my whole chassis

Keep in mind I spent about 620 on geforce 8800 GTX probably gonna buy a new kilowatt power supply gonna send me back another 100-200, last thing i need is to spend more money on a new CPU case. Any advice from people who've been in similar situations would be helpful.