View Full Version : evga 7900gs KO

12-20-06, 02:04 PM
I just bought a evga 7900gs KO after spending hours with google trying to figure out which card to buy...i bought it to run linux on my second computer.

i paid $179 tues, and now its $185, went up $6.... is there a shortage on these cards, i don,t understand why it went up in price.

12-20-06, 05:13 PM

Pretty nice cards though. I have two in my system right now. No complaints whatsoever in regards to the cards themselves. Now get me discussing multiple monitors and SLI together and that's a different story, but not a card specific one...

12-21-06, 12:33 AM
i was hoping it will be a nice card, i have seen a lot of problems with folks that had the 7900gt.... its on its way, get to thursday. i run linux, and i had all 4 computer with ati cards, when i bought all these ati cards, i gave linux no thought...linux just doesn,t work well sometimes with ati cards, i wish ati and linux would be more into the driver thing, and would save me some $..... i got a geforce 2 gts in one of intel rigs, 3.4ghz p4, sort of not a enough video power ...let ya know how i like it later..ron