View Full Version : SP Raven Shield Demo High Resolution Lockups

03-05-03, 08:15 AM
When I tried to play the demo at 1600x1200 or 1280x1024, the game locked up. I have not encountered this problem with any of my games in the past or the ones that I am currently playing (Splinter Cell, BF1942, Raven Shield MP, Vietcong demo, UT2003).

The game runs at 1024x768 without a problem, so what would cause the game to lock up at higher resolutions?


P4 2.53GHz / 533MHz FSB
GF4 Ti4200 64MB (Det. 30.82)
TB Santa Cruz Sound
Windows XP SP1
DirectX 8.1

03-05-03, 09:26 AM
Have you thought about updating your drivres? and maybe directX9? I also I assume that you are not using any FSAA @1280*1024 or 1600*1200 are you?

03-07-03, 09:30 AM
I am still using 30.82 because they have been so stable up until now and once I finish Splinter Cell I will upgrade and try DX9 with Raven Shield and see if that solves my problem. I do not use FSAA at high resolutions with my Ti4200, but on the other hand, I am seriously considering the purchase of an ATI 9700 or 9800Pro when available so I can use FSAA and get all the eye candy. Perhaps when the benchmarks for the GFFX 5600 Ultra are released and look positive I might go that route.