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12-21-06, 09:40 AM
Since I got my new XFi, I noticed that I can't have my speakers, and my microphone headset connected at the same time (since the headset has a mic input, and a headphone input); and the only way to get that is to buy the stupid I/O Console for like $180. I found out a way to get it hooked up to my front panel audio connector on my case; however, I am NOT good at making things myself and have no soldering skills at all. So I wanted to know if someone could make me a cable (as shown in the link below), and I will pay for the cable, and labor. I'd rather pay $30-$40 then $180 for the stupid drive. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you.



12-21-06, 10:23 AM
There is actually a place that makes them and sells them for around that much... I don't have a link though.

EDIT: Wait, why dont you just plug them into your speakers' control center? I have the same system and thats what I do. Its extremely easy and you can adjust the volume.

12-21-06, 10:47 AM
Apparently I'm retarded, I could have sworn that there was only one input on the side, but a few reviews I just read, says I can plug in my mic as well. I will test that tonight and see how that works. Thanks for the help :D

12-21-06, 06:24 PM
Ok, I just tried it, and while the headphones work, the microphone does not. On my XFi, I can do the microphone, just not headphones (AND having my speakers hooked up as well). I don't know if anyone has this headset:


But at the bottom, there's two plugs (one pink, and one black), and a few inches above, there's a stopper there; then the cord goes up. However the stopper can't be moved, and the cord is now just one cable. I don't want to have to buy a USB headset just to get this to work. I'm really wonder what my options are here. Capt, how do you have yours working? Or is it just the headphones hooked up?