View Full Version : Which Mobo's Unlock Athlonxp 2400

03-05-03, 05:55 PM
please compile a list here for reference.

so far ive only heard that

Epox nforce2 (with a bios flash)

Asus nforce 2 deluxe (TOO EXPENSIVE WENT UP IN PRICE TO 160!!!)

03-05-03, 07:08 PM
i've heard that all nforce2 boards unlock the multiplier on AMD CPUs.

03-05-03, 07:22 PM
wait i just found one more

hexus says in their abit n7-s review that it unlocks athlon xps. dont know if thats tru though.

03-05-03, 08:32 PM
seems that 13+ multipliers are unlocked for all xp cpus over 2100+

03-05-03, 10:06 PM
I have a ASUS A7V333 with a XP2400 and it was unlocked at 13 to 22.5 without haveing to connect any bridges.

03-06-03, 01:39 PM
Dont all T-Bred B cpus come unlocked? By unlocked I mean depending on the cpu, but should be like 12.5 and under or 13 and above.

03-06-03, 04:00 PM
Originally posted by Smokey
Dont all T-Bred B cpus come unlocked? By unlocked I mean depending on the cpu, but should be like 12.5 and under or 13 and above.

where did you hear this?

03-06-03, 04:50 PM
Originally posted by StealthHawk
where did you hear this?

Mostly from reading AMDMB and ForumOC forums ;) The reason being that the L1 bridges are not laser cut, but the last 2 L5 bridges are. Its the cut L5 bridges that stop you from getting the full range of multiplyers. After reading up some more, it would appear that nForce2 boards can give you the full range.

03-07-03, 07:08 AM
i've been reading at xtremesystems.org and they also say all
t-bred b's are unlocked from 12.5 and under.

03-07-03, 04:03 PM
On my A7V333 it does not start with 12.5,it has 13 to 22.5.

03-07-03, 08:46 PM
Originally posted by john19055
On my A7V333 it does not start with 12.5,it has 13 to 22.5.

That motherbaord I take it is an Asus using the KT333 Via chipset? I believe that only nForce boards and some KT400 boards will give you the full range.

Now if you put lets say a 1700+ in your motherboard, you should only get multiplers upto 12.5, but can join the last of the cut L5 bridges to get the higher multiplyers, though Im not sure if it gives you all the range or just opens the higher ones and closes the lower ones. I havent done enough reading on the topic, as I havent got my new T-Bred cpu yet ;)

03-07-03, 10:38 PM
My 1700+ JIUHB (302) came unlocked up to 12.5

AS far as I know, thats a general thing for all TBred CPUs. My mobo only has DIP switches that go to 12.5 so I didnt have to unlock my CPU to get the most out of it...

BUT...... I do need a new mobo because this damn thing cant hit 166fsb (it has no PCI\IDE dividers for higher than 133mhz bus!).

03-08-03, 01:35 AM
so you finally got ur xp 1700. mine came monday morning.
have u tried setting the multip. to 12x166 right away?
cause when i got mine i just did that it booted up fine.
Dont KT333 chipsets reset the pci and agp bus when you go over 155fsb?

03-08-03, 10:50 AM
ITs a known "problem" with the Gigabyte 7VRX and 7VRXP. They didnt think about the future NOR did they think about overclockers. There are no extra dividers. I bumped it to 166fsb and it doesnt boot. Im lucky I didnt corrupt my hard drive, a lot of people (like myself) didnt know about the divider thing and ended up losing hardware. I got VERY lucky.

Im looking to get a different board, check the "general hardware" forum to see my thread.


03-09-03, 12:57 AM
My mate and I have the Epox 8k9A2+ board (VIA KT400) and so far we have had 3 T-bread processor run on them all unlocked, one was a t-bred A and 2 t-bred b's. Basically every multiplier is available from 5 all the way up to 23.

Its great board and a good overclocker.
I got my Xp 2100 at 14x 172 (2.42ghz), the reason the FSB is so low is cause i need faster ram :)