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12-23-06, 09:19 AM
Has anybody heard of this game before? Apparently its been out a while now in the form of a public beta. It's supposed to be an FPS/RTS hybrid, kinda like natural-selection, only instead of a sci-fi/aliens theme, its an alternate timeline coldwar'ish theme with communists trying to conquer the world. Looks pretty good, thinking of downloading and playing it. Only downside is this means I have to reinstall HL2 though, but judging by the screenshots and the trailer it looks like it will be well worth it.


The official trailer can be downloaded here:


Is it just me or are the only original games that come out these days in the form of third party mods? The commercial "AAA" titles have all of the fancy graphics and whatnot, but the original gameplay seems to come from mods, which eventually go commercial in the form of a sequel.

12-23-06, 03:20 PM
I played it, granted when it was first realeased, but it was definitly not worth downloading let alone reinstalling hl2 for.

Basicly one person is the bad guy playing in RTS and making units, all other players are on a Rebel type team. The ai was horrid for the units and gameplay was simply, rts mass units and send them to a flag (cap spot) rebel throws grenades and kills all 30 ai... all rebels end up camping rts's spawn...

Followed the game for awhile and tried it right away, gameplay doesn't come close to what you think it should be.