View Full Version : The 650i SLI looks better for overclocking

12-23-06, 08:06 PM
The new 650i SLI looks to be a better overclocker then the 680i is,the reviews show that it is able to hit a 500 FSB which the 680i SLI can not ,This is what I am looking for ,so I can get better use out of my high Dollar memory ,I would like to be able to run 515fsb x 7 running at 3.605g at a 1:1 ratio,I know it just has PCIe x8 compared to PCIe 16x but in performance reviews it shows very little impact in games. and it does'have the duall internet connections but I don't see any gains from running just one I still get the same speed downloading ,It may not be any better but I want a board that will overclock past 500fsb or 2000 and with my evga 680i SLI ,1700 is the highest it will boot up and around 825 or 1650 is the highest it will do stable and it does'nt manner if I lower the multipler or how high I raise the voltages ,this board limmit is just 1650 to 1700 and that is it,the reason I bought the high price PC2 8500C5D Dominator memory was to run it at that speed at a 1:1 ratio ,not to run at 800mhz or to run it out of sysnc with the CPU.That is the only complaint I have with the Evga 680i SLI is that it will not run at high enough FSB for me,other then that it is a great board.

12-24-06, 05:49 AM
Never mind ,it overclocks over 500 on the CPU but the memory will not keep up ,to get over 500 they were haveing to run it at 5:4 divider ,so that want do what I want ,so I guess I will just have to be happy with what I have ,I guess later on they will come out with a board that will do 533 or 2132 and the memory able to do 1066 or 533 so it would have a 1:1 ratio.