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12-24-06, 11:02 PM
It's been quite a while since I've last upgraded my PC, so long that this will be a replacement of just about everything except the monitor. I'm having major trouble in deciding whether or not I should wait a few months for prices to come down, or just get what I want now. I have a budget of about $1500 for a gaming PC. The parts that I'm almost certain I want is a seagate 250 GB sata2 barracuda hd (2 for raid at some point), a soundblaster xi-fi gamer, and 2 GB of either 800 or 667 mhz ddr2. What I'm having major trouble in deciding is the processor, motherboard, and to a lesser extent the graphics card. If I had to go out now and get them it would be a core 2 duo 6700 or 6600, an nforce 590 board for SLI, and a Geforce 8800 GTS. My doubts are in whether it would be wise to wait on price cuts for the core 2 duos and the geforce 8800's, or whether I should wait on the quad cores. What I've seen so far is that quad core support for gaming will take some time, especially given the recent lack of support for dual cores as it is now. With the release of Windows Vista at the end of January I will not be putting the system together until afterwards since I'd rather work with a clean install of it rather than set it up for about 4 weeks, then transfer OS's.

Any advice on what I should do?

12-25-06, 01:28 AM
I'm pretty much in the same boat as you... except I am super tight on a budget...


12-25-06, 03:19 AM
If you buy copy of Windows now, you should be able to get a "coupon" for a free/cheap upgrade to Windows Vista. SO thats not really a factor.

The waiting part, I can't help you.. Its just a choice you have to make yourself.. But as everyone says, you can always end up waiting forever.

This is my personal take right now, if I bought a system right now (something I've been mulling over a lot) Ultimately, you have to sit down and think, what do you want, how much $ do you have, and whens your next expected *realistic* upgrade(s):

I'm never going to spend the money on SLI, so I would go for the Gigabyte DS3 mobo.

I'm also not a believer in spending more money on exotic ram.. The price/performance ratio isn't worth it to me. So I would get value ram at ddr2 667 or maybe 800.. 2 gigs of it.

CPU, I like the e6600, since I'm not an avid OC'er. However, getting a 667 or 800 ddr2 ram still leaves the option for at least a modest OC, or higher future standard FSB's. 333 fsb is something _most_ chips seem to be able to do (still read a few odd reports of people failing one of those extended stress tests, Ortho was it?)

IMO, Another alternative to shave a few bux would be the e6300 or e6400.. Even more so if you aren't squeemish with OCing.

Vid card I leave that up to you.. But the 8800 series seems like the way to go right now. Else, just wait (againt the waiting forever argument)

X-Fi is great btw. I highly recommend it, but don't blame you if thats the last on the list of things to get.. ;)

I don't believe in RAIDs either (as in price/performance ratio).. so I would get one decent SATA drive.

12-25-06, 04:34 AM
Great Advice ynnek :thumbsup:

12-25-06, 07:00 AM
To be honest I wouldn't worry about waiting for Vista since gaming performance will be slower than on XP for a while. I am personally going to wait for some game to force my hand or performance gets a whole lot better before I upgrade to it.

12-25-06, 11:57 AM
I appreciate the help. I was reluctant to post this because as you said the waiting game can be played forever when it comes to these things. Hardware goes from top of the line to second class within 3 to 6 months. My decision will be to setup an order tomorrow and go ahead and build the system, and I'll upgrade to windows vista sometime later than release. I read a few posts about vista and it seems that some games run 30% slower than on XP, something I'm not willing to deal with at its launch. I'll make another post on the parts I end up choosing.

Thanks again for all the help.

12-26-06, 01:54 PM
I would'nt wait because there is always something better on down the road ,just do it when you are ready,I would recomend the Core 2Duo E6600 over the E6700 because the E6700 cost more and does'nt overclock no better then the E6600.I would not get the 590 SLI board because it does not overclock good.I would go with the Evga 680i SLI because of it's overclocking ability,or the ASUS 650i ,it does'nt have as many feautures as the 680i but it is still a good overclocker except for the memory does'nt overclock past 400mhz,you could get a
ASUS 650i SLI $ 140
Core 2 Duo E6600 $317
2 gigs Corsair PC2 6400C4 $276 -$30 rebate
Evga 8800GTS $ 429 - $30 rebate
2-Seagate 7200.10 250gig 16mb cache $160
OCZ 600Watt GameStream $114 which would come out to $1436 and with the $60 Rebates it would be $1376 so you could add another harddrive for your back up and the total would be around $1500 and around $1440 after rebates,But if you wait until the end of Jan ,the CPU's should come down in price some and the Quad should be around $536