View Full Version : Getting a Wii and online instock notification

12-25-06, 06:35 PM
So my folks tried to get me a Wii for X-mas, but were unable to locate one. As such I ended up with 3 $100 AmEx gift cards and a card that said "go get one".

Now I have HEARD of some sites that do pretty good at letting you know when certain products are instock in your area but have no experiance with them, so ....

Anyone have any experiance with these and which one should I use ... or more simply ... what is my best bet to get ahold of a Wii in the next few days?


12-25-06, 07:09 PM
We tried very hard to get one as a gift also and couldnt. Kind of peeved Nintendo went back on there word of being able to meet the demand. No excuse really considering the technology as even the DS Lite was limited.

This locater from yahoo may work.

For online strickly online. These two may help.

These guys seem to be able to sniff them out.