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12-27-06, 12:50 PM
What is considered a really good and realiable power supply which would support SLI, 3 hds and 3 fans...

My current 480W supply won't support my 7950GT which asks for a 400W supply??



12-27-06, 03:32 PM
What's your spending limit?

12-27-06, 04:14 PM
What's your spending limit?

... and what cards do you plan on having in SLI?

12-27-06, 10:01 PM
Don't really have a spending limit but would like best bang for my buck, I guess I wouldn't go over $200...

For now and the next few years 2 9750GT's, but I'd like to keep it open for the future... with 3 hds and fans I'l like to be comfortably over the recommended limit...


Xion X2
12-27-06, 11:42 PM
For 200$, the PCP&C Silencer 750W w/ a single 60A 12v rail. Go newegg.com or performancepcs.com

12-28-06, 05:14 AM
I recommend the Silverstone in my sig. It's under $250, maybe even under 200 if you can find a good deal, 850W, and comes 4 PCIE power connectors (the PC Power&Cooling Silencer 750W only has 2) , which will be needed if you're ever gonna run two cards like the 8800 GTX.

12-28-06, 12:46 PM
The PCP&C Silencer 750W Quad has 4 PCI-E connectors. I have the Silverstone Zeus 850 and it does the job, but when I bought it the PCP&P 750 quad wasn't out yet or I would have went with it. It puts out plenty of power, less noise, and (imo) you can't beat PCP&P's reputation for PSU's.