View Full Version : 7600gt fan speed query

12-28-06, 05:34 AM
i replaced my 6800xt with an xfx 7600gt this morning and in riva tuner it lists the fan speeds @ 31% is this normal for this card? the temp is 56*c atm idle.
my 6800xt always defaulted to 53% but i always set rivatuner load it at 100%

i guess it's always about noise level right? or does the fan not need to be running full or does it dynamically adjust when hot/colder?

12-28-06, 07:05 AM
When idle it will get a bit warm as people browse the internet the last thing they want is a high pitched fan. So it defualts to a lower speed depending on the temp of the core. In Games the fan will spin up and will be louder.

12-28-06, 07:41 AM
ah right, been wondering about it for a while, i'll just leave it alone.

12-28-06, 07:23 PM
What's up with Windows Vista and fan control?

In XP my 7900GT fan only spin up to 100% when plying games, but in Vista RTM the fan speed is at 100% all the time e.g. both in game and clean desktop. This is annoying as hell if you ask me. Is there a way to control fan speed in Vista? I really hope Nvidia fixes this soon...

12-29-06, 03:27 AM
In vista there is very limited support so when nVIDIA bring out the final driver it will be automatic.