View Full Version : linux nforce drivers on solaris?

12-30-06, 08:40 AM
I only have the windows and linux drivers-versions of the Nvidia Nforce 410 chipset...

Only the problem is, how do i install the drivers on my Solaris system... if there ain't no solaris-drivers??

01-26-07, 09:30 PM
I have the same problem!
I'm trying to install Solaris 10 on a strippe raid 0 array sata devices with nforce3 chipset!
I have already configured Windows, Linux and i would like to install Solaris 10. But it seems to not support Raid (0) wit,h semi-material Raid device like nforce.

Any chance to see a driver update that can allow raid {0,1} with sata drives on Solaris 10 ?
(i mean before the hardware will be outdated ?!?

For audio and ethernet, these info may be outdated, they might be detected "out of the box" (but not tested!)