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Paul Mathews
12-30-06, 02:41 PM
Hardware H264 Decoding. have I done it ????

I have been trying to do this for while since i got my NEW Intel E6400 dual core CPU and my Nvidia 7950 Gt videocard.

I have been dabbling and doing some encodeing of 1080i videos to h264 with a bitrate of 8 or 9 mbs, but keeping all the other setting sin tact like framerate and resolution. I don't belive it converting a 1080i to 720p thats just a horrible crime agasint HD. Go buy a buy a DVD or download it instead :p

I have had Purevideo working for some time with .TS and Mpeg video files and get very very low CPU usage, around about 10% cpu usage when i just checked with a 1080i .ts file :)

Anyway to get my H264 decodeing I did this. Its decodeing it, but not sure if its using the 7950 Gt's Chips to hardware decode it !!!!

One 7950 GT.

Purevideo 1.02-223. I Think this is nessary if you want H264 decoding from Mediaplayer 11. Turned on the hardware Accelleration.

Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5145 FINAL. I Ticked the Directx VA Accelleration box in the settings, not sure what files that works for ?

Nvidia Forceware 93.71. From the readme for these it gos on about h264 decoding, so i would think they mean it ??

Just read the below link. I got all Excited about hardware decoding when i read this :)


I downloading this stuff from Elecard. Have no idea if its giveing me H264 Hardware decodeing or not ?

Elecard XMuxer v 2.2

Elecard AVC PlugIn v 2.0 for XMuxer

I used Gspot on my h264 videos and its saying I am using the Elecard decoders to decode the H264 videos. As i have no other h264 decoders installing i think its right.

Another way i can play my H264 videos is with WinDVD. Again i have no idea if I am getting Hardware Decodeing, but it is still staying below 30% cpu usage with it as well.

I was using the CORe H264 coded 1.2 and iI think i was getting 30% cpu usage with that, so I am not sure if Hardware Decoding is working or not. So if anything would liek to test out what i have here please do and let me know what you find :)

For some reason PowerDVD will not use DirectX VA Accelleration with H264 or even .TS or MPEG. Not sure what it's supposed to work for. Though I am pretty sure its being used as the CPu Usage is Below 5% and never aove 5%. Thats a 1080i video with a Bitrate of 20 mbs. Now under 5% cpu usage for that the hardware decoder must be working right ?

The h264 videos are 1920b1080 with a bitrate of at least 9 mbs. Shoudl i be getting 30% Cpu usage with that even with my intel dual core overclocked to 3.2 ghz ?

I know when i play Apple h264 files with Quicktime my CPu usage is 50% or more.

Just played it in WMP11 and with Purevideo Activated I am getting well under 10% cpu usage.

Oh well if you can make some sence out of this please do. I wish it was easier to have H264 decoding. Would be nice if when you ran a h264 movie or videofile in WMP11 the Purevideo icon poped up like with MPEG2 video files or something poped up somewhere from something :)

Just played it in WMP11 and with Purevideo Activated I am getting well under 10% cpu usage.

If you have any thoughts on what i have said please don't be shy.

I wan't my h264 hard decoding please :)

Thanks all.

12-30-06, 03:35 PM
Hardware H264 Decoding. have I done it ????


If you have any thoughts on what i have said please don't be shy.

I wan't my h264 hard decoding please :)

Thanks all.

You had rather a lot to say.

Quicktime is a pure software player and won't do any hardware acceleration of H.264 and their software decoding is a piece of ****e.

The Elecard decoder the last time I checked was in beta and wasn't all that CPU efficient.

The Purevideo decoder is only an MPEG-2 decoder and the icon will pop up only when playing MPEG-2 material (DVD/MPEG-2 TS).

If you renamed your quicktime H.264 clips as .MP4 instead of .MOV and play it back with WMP or any other player using the Elecard codecs you should get hardware acceleration. Also try using a freeware player like Zoom Player and in the right click menu for bring up the filter properties for the Elecard codec and check to make sure hardware acceleration (DXVA) is ticked. It should offer that option.

You might also want to look into Quicktime Alternative instead of Apple Quicktime. That actually comes with better codecs (CoreAVC/CoreAAC) for H.264, but I wouldn't install the DirectShow Filters. The Advantage of Quicktime Alternative is that it'll let you download H.264 clips instead of just playing them back in your browser, something that Apple's Quicktime Player will not let you do.

I use PowerDVD's 7.0 Deluxe's H.264 decoder. This works a treat with nVidia hardware. I've also tried it with PowerDVD6 and the HD264 pack and the performance with the PDVD7 is slightly better.

Paul Mathews
12-30-06, 03:46 PM
Are you getting hardware decoding of H264 ?

If i try to play mp4 in Mediaplayer 11 it just crashes :)

I just read this if i add this to the Registry i can get h264 HW Decoding in Media Player.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\CyberLink\Common\cl264d ec\wmplayer]

This is it says its not a registry file. I put it in a WMPH264.reg file, but not luck.

Any ideas to make it work. i think its not written out correctly and this invalid, but if it worked i woudl get h264 HD decodeing in MP.

Any ideas.

Paul Mathews
12-30-06, 05:06 PM
Worked it out. All i had to do was put the name of the reg program up top :)

Getting PowerDVD 7 Ultra as we speak, if that don't work i don't know what will. I don't seem to have a filter that even does h264, i should ????

Ultra should install one and even show a h264 tab to enable it.

Thanks for the help.

12-30-06, 07:45 PM
Ive been running hd movie via my pc to my 50inch Pioneer plasma looks great but my ****ty 60 Samsung hd upscaler give just as good pic cant see all the hype if you can keep cost down by getting good tv and good dvd up scaler go and read reviews of Samsung hd 860 its cool.

Paul Mathews
12-31-06, 03:44 AM
What you on ???

You ever seen REAL HD. Upscaleing is horrible compared to HD.


Paul Mathews
12-31-06, 03:50 AM
Anyways i got my H264 Hardware decodeing working in MediaPlayer 11 and Power DVD.

I can get under 10% CPU usage. I think I should not have not bothered realy as the pictur eis CRAP. Lots of blocky bits and genraly BAD picture in HD anyways. I looke din the filters and all it has was turn Directx VA on and Video Mode Auto seclect-Force Bob-Force weave and that was it, not other settings to set :(

I think I will have to wait for the CORE Hardware Decoder as I know that will be good :)