View Full Version : FS: Radeon AIW 9700 PRO (All In Wonder), Orinoco 802.11b WiFi + PCI Adapter

03-06-03, 01:47 PM
Hello Guys,

I'm selling the AIW PRO 9700 for 350$ shipped (comes with everything in the package - box, remote, receipt for warranty and etc) - please note that this is the RETAIL VERSION built by ATI Version. SOLD!

Got one Retail VisionTek XTasy 9100 64MB Radeon Card
75$ shipped

I also have an Orinoco 802.11b PCMCIA GOLD Card + PCI Adapter (so that you can use it with your PC - it's a cardbus slot)

100$ shipped

If interested, let me know


My heatware is under "funks".

03-18-03, 12:25 PM
bump, updated - added VisionTek XTasy 9100