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03-06-03, 02:09 PM
Id just like to note that alot of sites have been useing the term "Serious Sam 2" for their benchmark of Serious Sam:The Second Encouter.

That is wrong! Its not Serious Sam 2. Serious Sam 2 is a brand new game engine that is better than the first!

Serious Sam:TFE and TSE is a great game that is in stores now!

For less than 20$ you can be enjoying countless hours fragging with your friends at a LAN!

For any of you who have hardware concerns, it is based on the Serious Engine that is incredibley scaleable! It will run fine on a 1600+amd with a Geforce2 MX videa card!

Recomended for: Lan!

03-06-03, 05:04 PM
I had to read your post a couple of times as I was lost :p What you are saying is SS:SE isnt SS2 and that SS2 is a differnt game from SS:SE and uses a newer verion of the SS engine? If this is what you mean, any links to the differences between the two please?

I have both SS games and like them alot, great fun when you just want to blast anything that moves :D

03-06-03, 05:22 PM
The issue has been discussed at the discussion boards linked in Seriously! and Croteam.

Serious Sam: SE is an extension of the FE and both make up Serious Sam 1. Serious Sam 2 is the third encounter built from a new engine. Nothing much have been said about SS2 so far. Will just have to wait and see. :(

03-06-03, 05:50 PM
Thx, but for those people who didnt read it :D

03-06-03, 06:02 PM
/me scratches head..:confused:

03-06-03, 06:12 PM

Serious Sam: The First Encounter was groundbreaking
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter was kickass.

SS:TSE had a tweaked SS:TFE engine. Very tweaked.

Now the Serious Engine has some really cool stuff that No other engine has!

Such as Multi point Gravity
Huge Textures
MASSIVE landscapes
high detail indoor sceens too.

03-23-03, 08:43 PM
I just wish SS was more popular online, seems only euro servers and lots of LAG.

03-23-03, 08:44 PM
Originally posted by Phillychuck
I just wish SS was more popular online, seems only euro servers and lots of LAG.

Aye, but its GREAT for lan partys : \

03-23-03, 11:22 PM
Indeed. It has incredibly fun deathmatch.

03-23-03, 11:25 PM
aye, have u seen the level with the upside down staris liek that painting!