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12-31-06, 12:16 PM
Hi...posting in this place cuz lotta people viewing here:D

I have a geforce 6800xt 256mb DDR3 PCI E card ,n i have tried overclocking it using riva tuner. Im a total alien to this overclocking thing...so am very cautious not to burn the whole thing up.

I have the frequencies at 425mhz core clock/ 1175mhz memory clock. The default is at 350mhz/1000mhz. Im still using the stock cooling. The temperature of the gpu rises to about 71c after an hour of play. I have a 380 watt cooler master power supply.

Plz tell me, will this overclocking result in any harm to my card??? Will it affect its lifespan or cause any other trouble? Im not gonna increase the frequencies any further. Should i keep these settings or revert back to the default frequency??

And, i have intel 2.8mhz D processor...the dual core thing. Is it any better than the conventional intel processors of the same speed, game play wise???

Note: I havent seen any BIG improvement in the FPS after overclocking:(


12-31-06, 02:03 PM
Its pretty hard to fry the card i think(unless you mess with the voltage), at worst your cpu would just freeze up then after a reboot it should be back to default speeds, 71c is a tad hight in my opinion, my card sits idle at 44c and under load goes to about 55-57c max(with a stock cooler)!... ive never really been into overclocking... dont see the point, for just afew extra points on 3DMarks and no real boost in games!

And yes overclocking does decrease your hardwares lifespan, ok so it COULD be a goes few years before anything goes bang....!

If you really wanna overclock then do so, just increase the cards speeds, first the memory then the gpu(or any order you wish)by 5 GHz/MHz then run 3dmark each time untill you see artifacting, when you see artifacting then decrease the speeds by 1 untill the artifacting has gone and the cards running fine!..... i have tried overclocking in the past just to see what i could get out of this card and this is the way i done it!

12-31-06, 02:25 PM
I would recomend getting a good after market cooler if you plan on doing overclocking,you could download ATITOOL to find your maxuium overclock to your core and memory and then use what ever program you want to overclock,Heat is what kill a card or shortens it life span ,just make sure when you are overclocking that your card does'nt run to hot.

01-01-07, 11:02 AM
your fine.
my 6800gt have been overclocked via rivatuner a little past ultra speeds on both mem and core for over a year on stock cooling. i have no idea what temp it runs at and i don't care, and i don't have some amazingly well cooled case either just some dell box i had lying around when i built this box. did i notice a difference in games? nope. in 3dmark? nope. mainly because i don't run it and could care less about it and the numbers it spits out. but i know from reading reviews that it should make a decent little increase in performance going from a gt to ultra speeds...
so ya don't worry about it. i never have and never will.
and your cpu is fine as well. nothing amazing but it's fine...and yes it would be 'better' then a vanilla p4 @ 2.8ghz...i'm sure you could bump it up a 100-200mhz on stock cooling if you wanted as well. with both overclocks your 3dmark score would go up and you can brag about it to us online. wouldn't that be cool?

at the end of the day upgrading to new components will always be a better solution to the problem of not having enough 'juice' to play your games in the manner in which you would prefer, then overclocking will. i'm sure someone will come and argue me on this but the time and money spent overclocking old components could be better spent on buying new components and never having to mess with them again or have it lingering in your mind about the lifespan of them. which in your case atm you do not have to worry about. and this is from someone who has been overclocking computers since p3s...not that that realy means anything but ya. at the end of the day just buy new **** and help the economy.

go read some reviews of stock vs overclocked cards in that family and you can see how much of a gain your really do or do not gain. i would never ever EVER spend $ on an aftermarket cooler for an outdated gpu. that money is better spent/saved towards a new gpu etc.

01-01-07, 11:11 AM
As for overclocking, your card clock speeds are fine, but your temperatures are a little hot. I'd suggest better air flow in your case or at least an aftermarket cooler for it. Heat is the enemy to computer hardware. Obviously, the cooler, the better. Plus, the 6800's heatsinks are made to wear they collect dust very easily under the cover. To clean it well, you have to unscrew the cover plate and blow out the dust that collects in the heatsink's fins near the fan. Keeping this area clear will help with temperatures staying low or lower.

01-01-07, 11:43 AM
Take off the shielding and strap a 90mm fan ontop of it. or google it and find out what i'm talking about if this doesn't make sense to you. it is as effective imo as any aftermarket cooler and free. assuming you have a fan lying around. if you get kinky you can even make a sexy shroud for it do you don't have such a big dead area aka more cooling.