View Full Version : Undecided - GeForce 3 Ti 200 or Radeon 9000 Pro?

08-17-02, 11:26 AM
Im thinking about upgrading my geforce 2 pro 64mb to another graphics card that can support direct x 8.1 features as a lot of games coming out now now supports these.

My choice's due to my budget are ;

Geforce 3 ti 200 64mb
Geforce 3 ti 200 128mb
Radeon 9000 pro 64mb

these are within my 90 price range being the radeon 9000 and geforce 3 ti 200 128mb being about 85 mark

the geforce 3 ti 200 64mb about 65

thats without postage and packing on top

My other system specs are
Athlon xp 1700
256mb ddr memory
sblive value
ECS K7S5A motherboard (latest bios)

thanks for any info and any benchmarks be nice if anyone got these with simular systems cpu speed be nice

08-17-02, 12:15 PM
You really can't go wrong with either the TI200 or the R9000 but if you can't afford a TI4200 then the R9000 will probally be faster than the TI200 even if you try to overclock it,so if it was up to achoice between them two I would get the R9000,I think theR9000 is about the same as the R8500 but I may be wrong I will have to check out the spec's of the 9000 pro.It's has agp3.0 for future upgrades but the prices I seen wher 150 and you could get a TI 4200 around that and from what I have seen they will overclock to near TI4600 standards. and that would be a better deal.

08-17-02, 12:49 PM
If you can pony up a few bucks more, get yourself a Ti4200, it's not all that much more and will last you a lot longer than either a Ti200 or a Radeon 9000. If you're really that constricted for money, get a Radeon 8500LE instead of the 9000. The 9000, while DX 8.1 compliant is gimped compared to the 8500.

08-17-02, 02:07 PM
DON"T GET Radeon 9000 it tottaly blows its alot slower then Original 8500 :eek:
Have only 2 pipelines instead of 4 on current stuff :(

Better get either 8500/8500Le or Originla GF3 ;)

08-17-02, 03:00 PM
The better choice would be an radeon 9000 pro 128mb(it's from Hercules) because doom3 will use 80mb of texture.
If you have the money get a gf4 ti 4200.
DVS radeon 9000 pro has 4 pipelines but I think its a 4x1 config like radeon9700's 8x1.
The benchmarks I've seen on radeon 9000 pro have puzzled me.On test on anandtech shows radeon 9000 pro slower than radeon 8500 in UT2003 and another at digitlife I think showed it faster!!There in no doupt than radeon 9000 pro is better than gf3 ti200,all tests show it is.
My best suggestion b5fan is read a few tests like anands ,toms,techreports and make up your own mind!!

08-17-02, 03:42 PM
Yeah i like the look of the radeon 9000 pro benchmarks but like some said its slower then a radeon 8500.

Geforce 3 ti 200 looks better choice at mo as i can always upgrade to a geforce 4 ti 4200 when they cheaper and after new geforce 5 or nv30 released as u can qurantee that the prices of the geforce 4 ti 4200 will come down to about 90 to 100 for 64mb version and 100 to 120 for 128mb one

For me to save for a geforce 4 ti 4200 it would take me about another 3 months to get the extra 80, as they about 140 to 150 cheapest ive found for 128mb version, 115 to 125 for 64mb.

So still not sure lol

But for definat i will be looking at a 128mb card when i need one next year + they be cheaper too.

08-17-02, 09:07 PM
assuming that you can find the R9000Pro cheaper in your country than a R8500, it might very well prove to be a better buy than than R8500(depending on the price delta). if the prices are similar, go for the R8500. i have no idea what prices are on GF3ti 200s, but i would personally buy that over the R9000.

Bigus Dickus
08-18-02, 08:17 PM
Originally posted by DVS
[b]Have only 2 pipelines instead of 4 on current stuff

Well, not exactly, but close enough I guess. ;)

08-19-02, 01:23 PM
get the cheapest GF4 TI4200 you can find. It performs faster than any GF3, R8500, or R9000. Try to save the few extra bucks if you can, it's worth it.