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12-31-06, 12:52 PM

Installing a 8800 gtx and I have a power connection question

I have a Aero cool 630 watt psu that has modular cabling. It has just one 6 pin pci connector cable and connector on the PSU but the cable splits at the end into 2 – 6 pin connectors. Very little documentation with the PSU or on their site.

Question is can I use just the one 6 pin cable and with the two connectors into the 8800 or should I use separate 4 pin cables with the 4pin to 6 pin adapters that came with the card?


12-31-06, 02:01 PM
If the power supply has just one 12v rail you could use the one PCIe connector and use a addapter to split it to two ,but if it has 2 or more 12v rails you need to hook up the one PCIe connector and hook the other PCIe connector to one of the other 12v rails comeing off the power supply with a 4pin to PCIe adapter.

12-31-06, 03:08 PM
Thanks for the quick response. The PSU does have duel 12 v rails.

I was wondering about that but I could find no other documentation about the necessity of using separate rails and the manual says nothing (evga.) Had to ask myself why the two separate 6 pin connectors on the card though. What’s been confusing me is I have a Antic true power 550 with 2 - 6 pin cables coming out of the PSU and metering them shows the wires in each cable is common with each other in their respective slots. So other then maybe a current limit to the cables and connectors there would be no difference in splitting one of them.

Another thing that was bothering me is how would you know what cables/connectors where on separate rails with 4 to 6 - 4 pin unmarked cables/connectors with zero identification. Guess you could meter them but most folks wouldn’t do that.

Or am I making this way to complicated ..

Thanks again

12-31-06, 05:31 PM
It is useally in the manual or on the side of the power supply.