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03-06-03, 04:08 PM
My system is getting a little old in the tooth:

KT7-A Raid
1.33 Tbird @ 1.5
512 PC133
GeForce 3
80 & 20 gig hd's

But I can't decide if I should upgrade to the following:

ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
2 x 256 PC333
R9500 with hack / Ti4600 / or an NV30 (hold on for that till later)
same hd's.

or go for an XBOX?

I mean, PC games have become a little stale lately (I know the
new game engines emerging will spawn new games soon and
DOOM 3 will hopefully spawn some awsome games later).

My current machine only seems to get used for internet use lately
with some occasional games / music / officework.

The main problem is, I bought a PS2 last year, which was great
for a few months, but started gathering dust fast before I sold
it just before xmas.

Don't want to spend a few hundred quid on another dust collector!!!

03-06-03, 04:58 PM
I woulld go with an upgrade myself, 2003 is going to be a great year for games for the pc ;)

What you listed seems good enough, maybe hang on a bit ad see how the new ATI cards are, at least prices on the 9700 Pro should come down.

Get some good PC2700 memory, dont cut corners here.
Anything from an XP1700+ - XP2100+ T-Bred B, are great cpu's that overclock very well on air, and can save you some $$
Coolmaster XDream heatsink is the best IMO, price/performance
Dont know which nForce2 board to get, but someone else can reccomend one of those ;)

Anyways, good luck on whatever you decide.

03-06-03, 06:00 PM
I would get the upgrade..

I went from an XP1800+ with an A7A266 mother board to whats in my sig..Now I can enjoy games such as Dungeon Siege, Mafia, Unreal 2, etc. etc. (great games) on max Detail with AA & AF.

Very life like..Plus the console doesnt touch PC graphics..

Theres alot of great games out for the PC..Its just a matter if you like playing console games with a joystick over keyboard and mouse..Plus friends coming over and what not for the console and some madden..Its really up to you..

03-06-03, 06:21 PM
Go for XBOX, PC market is just ain't that stable to buy new hardware !
For me I would wait for intell new P4 CPUS and new intel chipsets, besides We don't know how Geforce FX will run on final drivers, and WD will release their new HD the one that runs on SATA at 10K RPM.

So for now I thin xbox is a better choice !
Ohh And I have an XBOX too ! :D

My PC :

P4 2.0GHz @ 2.67GHz
512 DDR33 RAM
Abit bd7II-RAID
geforce 3 ti 200 @ 200/500 :(
WD 80 GB hd
Sony 19" 420GS monitor
and mroe :D

03-06-03, 06:21 PM
I like kicking back and playing games at the couch once in a while myself. My g/f can play games while I'm on the computer with the xbox. Though... that's quite a computer upgrade you're looking at. I would say.... get the xbox, then save and upgrade the PC since the price will drop on the PC parts faster. ;)

03-07-03, 12:25 AM
I'd actually say get the Xbox. I have a decent PC right now (XP1600 a little lacking but otherwise good), but the only games I'm really playing on it are Natural Selection and BF1942. Overall, it just depends if Xbox has enough good games for YOU on it. It has lots of action games, from Halo to Steel Battalion to Panzer Dragoon Orta. Lacking in RPGs though...but nothing compairs to the PS2 for that.

03-07-03, 06:47 AM
Thanks a lot for the help guys.

I'm still undecided but now I have a few more pros/cons to weigh

I think the main factor is that I recently set up a half decent home
cinema system:

32inch widescreen
5.1 amp
Some quite good floorstanding speakers

I would like to benfit playing games through this, but most pc
graphics cards dont support widescreen (and if they do, a lot
of games dont), but the XBOX does flawlessly.

If any one has any more info / opinions , I would appreciate it.

Once again, cheers guys!

03-07-03, 09:38 AM
If your TV is HD-compatible, I would say go for the Xbox. And don't forget to pick up the HDTV adapter. I could just imaging what DOA Volleyball would look like. :drooling:

I would have to say go for the Xbox, especially considering your home theater setup. It's a great console with some excellent games. Plus it will buy you some time to wait until the next generation PC hardware comes out (800 MHz FSB Intel processors, etc).